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Winterize Your Way to Safety With These 5 Home Security Tips

  The winter season can be a hassle for many homeowners in terms of maintenance. With heating systems being used regularly and frigid temperatures posing the threat of freezing your pipes, this time of year can be a financial burden. However, the effects of Mother Nature are not the only concerns that come with winter. Home burglary rates are said… Read more →

How Malls Are Planning To Keep Their Shoppers Safer

In recent years, security has been a topic of interest and research. How do we keep our homes safe? What can we do to tighten security at schools? While there are no clear cut solutions that offer air-tight security, we have been able to create structures that prioritize safety.   Whether this means adopting additional intruder drills at schools or… Read more →

6 Ways To Super Secure Your Front Door

Today, when homeowners visit the hardware store looking to replace or buy a new door lock, they’re faced with dozens of options ranging from very basic models to high-tech security locks. The most important aspect when buying a new front door lock is security. It’s estimated that more than 3 million homes are broken into each year. It’s important that… Read more →

Home Security: 4 Essential Tips

Protecting your family and your home is one of the top priorities in life. While many of us take our safety for granted, it’s important to understand what level of security is needed to keep you and your home protected.     If you’ve just moved to a new home, you’ll want to ask your realtor or a friendly neighbor… Read more →