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Reevaluating Rental Rates

      There are many factors that influence the right rental rate for a home. The value of the neighborhood and the home’s assessed property value may go up. Increased demand and increased maintenance costs factor into the rent you expect for a property. When property values go up, so too must the rent. So how do you reevaluate… Read more →

Property Management + Tax Deductions

Why Property Management Fee Is a Tax-Deductible Expense     When you own a rental property, the responsibilities include purchasing monthly rent and paying the required building expenses. You are also supposed to screen prospective tenants, maintain the property as per the law and address any complaint. Managing a rental property is a tedious job. Consequently, it would be best… Read more →

How Often Should You Visit Your Properties?

With Property Managers, When is Visiting Your Property Too Much? Inspecting your property is essential and a personal decision depending on the kind of property you are renting, the type of tenants you attract and the type of relationship you want to establish with your tenant. Property inspections will help you assess the home’s condition and manage any repairs early… Read more →

Single-Family Home vs. Duplex

      Investing in real estate is a great mechanism to diversify investments. Nonetheless, it is suitable for real estate investors to be familiar with managing different types of houses. Such information will help you make well-informed decisions and handle their obligations perfectly. Let’s look at what it will take to manage a single-family home vs. a duplex in… Read more →