Cloudy Windows – What to Do?

What to Do About Cloudy Windows on a Rental Property.     You have a rental home with double-paned windows. Generally, this is a benefit in terms of energy-efficiency and temperature retention. It makes the home more comfortable and affordable for your tenants. However, you have recently noticed that the space between the panes of glass has become cloudy. How… Read more →

Rent a Flip Before Selling

FHA Loans Are More Popular – Why You Should Rent a Flip Before Selling It The popularity of property flipping has grown substantially among real estate professionals both full and part-time. The potential for big profit is the primary reason for this, helped out by the abundance of television that focuses on the topic. But buyers relying on FHA financing… Read more →

Testing Market Value

How to Test the Market Value of a Property When you are investing in residential properties, estimating a home’s value is an important part of the process. The value of a property will determine how much you must invest to buy it and how much you can charge for rent when the property is ready to lease. Of course, property… Read more →

5 Kitchen Details That Chase Away Renters (& How to Fix Them)

5 Kitchen Details That Chase Away Renters Renting out an investment home, you want the house to look its best. Renters are often swayed by first impressions. They are following their hearts to their vision of a good home while checking for practical details in every home they tour. The kitchen is especially important when preparing your home for presentation… Read more →

HVAC Abuse?

HVAC Abuse: What It Is and How to Avoid It     Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) is central to keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. It works hard to regulate temperatures and maintain a healthy environment by filtering out pollutants. However, many homeowners unintentionally abuse their systems by neglecting regular maintenance or using them improperly.… Read more →

When to Hire a Property Manager?

6 Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Property Management Company     Buying an extra house and renting it to tenants can be exciting. Becoming a landlord is a big financial milestone for most people, and it can be fun to go through the process of accepting tenants and looking after a rental house. However, there often comes a time… Read more →

Ways to Insulate Your Home to Save Energy

Properly insulating property can help you save money on both heating and cooling the property. Insulation allows the home to maintain a more steady temperature, which means that less energy will be required to heat the home in the winter or cool it in the summer. The money saved on energy bills makes proper insulation a worthwhile investment that will eventually… Read more →

Calculating Hidden Flip Costs

While accounting for costs during your flip might seem pretty straightforward, there are some hidden costs that many flippers tend to overlook in their project. Sure, it’s not hard to count the prices of raw materials you pay for or labor you hire, but some costs aren’t so easy to spot. These hidden costs can add up to $1000s and eat into… Read more →

Staging vs. No Staging

Staging vs. Empty House Photos: How to Pick Your Approach.     Staging is the art of arranging furniture in an empty house to better present the space. It can be used to enhance home listing photos and show off how a space might be used, but it’s also rarely considered a necessary step to sell or rent out a… Read more →