Quick Guide: 5 Steps to Prep your Home for Vacation

The summer season continues to invite us to take long trips or weekend getaways with our families and friends. While some of these vacations may be on the calendar for months, giving us ample time to prepare for our departure, there’s always a few events that pop up and ask us to drop what we’ve got, pack the car, and head out of town on a moment’s notice. If you’re like me, I welcome the surprise of an unexpected trip! But an important question comes to mind.

Is my home safe while I’m away?

If you’re looking for a few tips on how you can keep your home safe when you’re away exploring the rest of the world, look no farther! Read on for a few simple ways you can prep your home for a trip.


  1. Set the Alarm

If you’re home is equipped with a security alarm, nothing is more important than setting the code to arm the home while you’re away. An easy, but critical solution to add an extra level of security to your property.


  1. Do a Window Audit

Next on the list is equally important! Do a quick walk-through to test all of the windows in your home. You’ll want to make sure that they are full closed and properly locked. While you may be tempted to leave a few windows open upstairs to allow ventilation, it’s best to keep things tight and secure!


Photo of window


  1. 15 Minutes Clean Cycle

While not a security issue, this next tip will keep the inside of your home operating smoothly while you’re away! Take 15 minutes and do a few basic housekeeping tasks. These include:

  • Load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and press the clean cycle
  • Remove all trash from the house and secure the cans outside
  • Make sure there are no wet clothes sitting in the washer!
  • Flush all toilets and leave the seats up to prevent foul odors!
  • Unplug small devices like the toaster or microwave


Man washing fork in sink


  1. Tell a Friend!

If possible, send a quick message or email to a friend announcing your trip! It helps if they live nearby and can do a quick check while you’re away. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that there’s somebody at home who’ll help notice any strange activity. Remember to offer your help when they go away, too!


  1. Keep a Light on!

Finally, it’s a great idea to keep a small lamp on inside the home while you’re away. This acts as a signal to possible intruders that somebody is at home. While you may be concerned about your electricity bill, consider installing bulbs that turn on when it gets dark. This way, you won’t be lighting the lamps during the day hours!


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