The Most Common Time of Year for a Break-In

Question: Could your home might be broken into one day while you’re at work, or perhaps at night when you and your family is asleep? The answer will depend on the level of security you install. Here are a few statistics that summarize when a home is most likely to be burglarized. And, rest assured, I’ve included a few tips on how you can keep you home safe!



The Most Common Time of Year for a Break In


The months between May-August are the most common times for a home break-in to occur, usually between the hours of 10am-3pm. The warmer weather makes it easier for criminals to move around and also makes it more likely that a family won’t be home. The summer time is long favored to be the time for families to take vacations or enroll their children in day-long summer camps.


Criminals, especially individuals who live close to your home, can easily learn a family’s day-to-day schedule by watching a home for a short period of time. Burglaries are most often committed by locals.


What You Can Do To Protect Your Home


While you’re first instinct might be fear of a looming break-in, you can take steps to prevent the event. Most homes that are broken into do not have a home security system installed. With a home security system, your home is more than three-times less likely to be burglarized. That’s a tremendous amount of security!


A great way to advertise this measure is to place a sign in your yard or plant stickers on your windows. This will declare that an alarm system is in place. Criminals will be deterred from even attempting to break and enter if they know an alarm will alert the residents, and possibly the police.



Here’s another step to take: always keep your doors and windows properly locked. Most burglars enter a home by opening an unlocked entrance point. Pay particular attention to whether or not your windows are locked, especially during the warmer months when you’re more likely to open a window to let in the breeze to your home. Finally, make sure the locks are up-to-date and secure, so it isn’t easy for a burglar to pick or force open the lock.


A few final tips to secure your home? Install motion sensor lights. This will cause any outside movement to the area to be well-lit. Additionally, make sure your hedge or fence doesn’t provide coverage for a burglar to conceal themselves behind. Always put any large items away as well, such as garbage cans or ladders, because these can assist burglars in reaching higher entrance points to a home and can provide a shield from any neighbors who may walk by.

Summer may be prime time for home break-ins, but there are many ways for you to protect your home and your family. Install a security system and lock your windows. This way, your home will be protected even when you’re absent, granting you more time to enjoy your time away from home.