6 Ways To Super Secure Your Front Door

6 Ways to Super Secure your Door

Today, when homeowners visit the hardware store looking to replace or buy a new door lock, they’re faced with dozens of options ranging from very basic models to high-tech security locks. The most important aspect when buying a new front door lock is security. It’s estimated that more than 3 million homes are broken into each year. It’s important that you assess the functionality of your exterior door annually, and especially when moving into a new home.

Want to keep your home safe and secure? Check out the following tips to increase the strength of your front door!


  1. Install a deadbolt

This should be the first step on your list when assessing your current system. Deadbolts provide twice the power of a traditional lock and are reliably the best option for your exterior door. Because they don’t use a spring option to release, dead bolts withstand a greater amount of pressure. And they are nearly impossible to open using a tool like a knife or a pin. Deadlocks cost between $30-70 dollars, making them an affordable and necessary purchase when securing your home.


  1. Replace your Door

Flimsy doors are no match for burglars. By choosing and installing a solid wood or metal door, you’ll be providing an additional level of safety. Sturdy doors are an effective option to choose because they’re generally affordable and easy to install.


  1. Turn the Lights on!

An easy way to add more security to your front doorway is to add a few motion lights that turn on when a person approaches your entryway. While more intrusions actually happen in the daylight hours, you’ll still be warding off potential burglars by shining a light on your entry way. Sensor lights are also excellent for navigational purposes. Prevent any falls or trips that could happen when you’re stumbling back home in the dark!


  1. Add a Peephole!

This tip is especially helpful if you’re living alone or if you have children in the home. Educating your children on the tenets of home security should be a top priority for you. One of the first rules? Never open the door to a stranger. By placing a peephole (at a suitable height) you’ll help your children stay safer when visitors knock on the door.


  1. Go Windowless

Love the look of a beautiful door with multi-faceted glass on the top panel? While these doors may create  stunning entryways, they’re simply not safe. This goes back to the importance of finding a sturdy door. Stay away from exterior doors with windows if you’re concerned that a break in may happen in your neighborhood.


  1. Install a Keyless Lock

More and more homeowners are turning to the power and ease of home automation devices. Digital or keyless lock systems can be a great option. Not only do many of these models come equipped with a supplementary deadlock, but they’re programmed to make sharing access to your home safer and easier. For example, if you have houseguests for the weekend, you don’t have to worry about lending them a key that they may forget to give back or even lose. Lost keys can be a huge detriment to your home security plan. By offering your home’s code to your guests, you’ll simplify the solution. And the best part? After they visit, you can change the code!

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