Michael Leafer

Michael Leafer spent 31 years serving as president and owner of MHL Protection Systems, Inc., also known as MHL Security & Sound.

Michael started the company in 1979 with a primary focus on home security systems. He soon shifted to the auto security industry and within a few years MHL Protection Systems, Inc. had become a staple in the New England market. One of its most popular products, Keytronics, offered an alternative to key lock systems. Michael himself had invented the revolutionary five-button auto security system, which disabled the vehicle and rang a siren if the correct code wasn’t entered in 30 seconds.

Understanding the demand for keyless auto security, Michael Leafer also designed one of the first radio frequency (RF) remote control auto security products, which was called Lithium Remote. The idea was to offer a remote that didn’t need battery replacement. This product fueled remote door locks, car alarms and the vehicle starters industry. Michael’s invention, as well as his success as an entrepreneur in general, was highlighted by the Patriot Ledger.

Michael went on to design two more security inventions: Protection Plus, a keyless remote alarm sold exclusively to car dealers, and No-activity system, which was designed to monitor and protect employees at 24-hour locations such as convenient stores and gas stations. In addition to these inventions Michael created Pure Air, a groundbreaking air-cleaning system for vehicles.

Although Michael was highly successful in his car alarm work, he never gave up on his original passion for home security. He was determined to create and implement systems which would protect families within their homes, and over the next twenty years, he designed and oversaw the installation of high tech home and commercial security and sound systems for a diverse clientele. Some of his high-end clients included movie stars, sports figures, political leaders, and company CEOs.

Michael Leafer was widely noted for his expertise in home and car security systems and he contributed original articles to publications. He penned a Boston Magazine piece about high tech home security and sound systems that MHL Protection Systems, Inc. designed and installed in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Later The Patriot Ledger published an article highlighting a backyard sound and video system installed by MHL Protection Systems.

Michael also served on the Massachusetts Security Contractor Association Board for many years.

Michael Leafer now focuses on his role as president of Leaf Management in Canton, Massachusetts. However, he is still widely known as an industry leader in progressing and perfecting home and auto security systems in the New England area.