Winterize Your Way to Safety With These 5 Home Security Tips

5 home security tips


The winter season can be a hassle for many homeowners in terms of maintenance. With heating systems being used regularly and frigid temperatures posing the threat of freezing your pipes, this time of year can be a financial burden. However, the effects of Mother Nature are not the only concerns that come with winter. Home burglary rates are said to rise during the colder months, as the added darkness provides protection for potential intruders, and more people vacation to warmer climates during this time, leaving their homes exposed. Here are five ways to prevent your home from becoming a burglar’s next target.

  1. Lock all doors and windows

While this may seem obvious, an alarming amount of homeowners tend to overlook this simple step. Go through your home and check every door and window, even those on above-ground floors, making sure they are closed and locked. For added security, covering windows and glass doors with blinds or curtains prevents anyone from seeing into the house, discouraging those seeking entry.

  1. Install motion-sensor lighting

With the sun setting earlier during winter months, daylight hardly provides the protection it did throughout summer. An earlier dusk gives burglars an excuse to seek out vacant homes before the owners return from long work days. Installing motion-sensor lights triggered by any movement around your property is a surefire way to scare away any thieves, exposing their hiding places in a spotlight.

  1. Keep your yard organized

Leaving out tools, furniture, or other miscellaneous items can risk damage from the cold and snow, and is an open invitation to burglars. By maintaining a clean front and back yard with well groomed greenery, hiding spots will be hard to come by, and the open area will discourage anyone from trying.

  1. Ensure your alarm system is functioning properly

Security alarms today typically possess features like lights, loud signals, and video devices that alert the appropriate home security company immediately. Though this may not prevent an intruder from breaking a door or window, it will immediately warn them that authorities have been notified and are enroute, deterring any further entry. Test your home’s alarm system monthly to ensure that it is working to the best of its ability.

  1. Shovel all walkways and driveways

The best way to dissuade a potential intruder from breaking and entering is to convince them that you are home, and a telltale sign that a home is unoccupied in the winter is an unshoveled driveway. If you are leaving for an extended period of time before or during a snowstorm, be sure to lay salt along your driveway and walkways, and shovel any snow that may have already fallen. If snow happens to fall after you’ve already left, hire a snow shoveling company to take care of the task for you.

Surprisingly, winter months come with higher crime rates. Those listed above are some of the most important aspects to consider when protecting your home. Follow the proper precautions during this time of year to guarantee the safety of you and your home, and prevent any possible burglary.