Winterization Tips

8 Essential Steps in Designing Your Rental Properties for Easy Winterization

Winters will come and go, and you will have to winterize your rental properties for every cold season you encounter. In preparation for this, you could design your property so that when the time comes winterizing will be easy as pie.

Some steps you could take towards this goal include;

• Installing gutter guards so gutters remain clog-free — The guards strengthen the gutter system and prevent the downspouts from breaking off. They also provide an optimal situation for the installation of heat cables in cold weather.

• Making sure the chutes on downspouts are installed at an angle — Should the winter catch you unawares, this will keep melting ice from flowing to the sidings and the foundation and making unsightly mold stains.

• Eliminate gaping holes and spaces that leak air — They are majorly around ceilings, windows, pipe ducts, and the areas where the siding overlaps with the foundation. These can easily be filled with caulk and will keep warm air from leaking out in winter.

• Installing programmable thermostats — These can be set to automatically turn up the heat when external temperatures dip. During winter, the thermostats can be set to the minimum 55 degrees Fahrenheit required to maintain heat in the property.

• Install window sills that leave no air spaces — The windows can also be covered with insulated blinds to help keep rooms warm and cozy.

• Adding built-in draft stoppers to the doors of the unit — This will act as a weatherstripping measure come winter because the air spaces will be closed out.

• Getting storm windows for the property — They are quite effective as they can be used during winter and stored away in warmer conditions.

• Insulation under floors and in ceilings — During extremely cold days, the houses still feel warm and cozy with the right insulation measures.

With the above steps done to completion, you’ll find that your work will be much easier every time you need to winterize your property. Also, this can save you both time and resources with each winter you encounter.