Signs You Need a New Property Manager

 Signs That Show Your Current Property Manager Isn’t Doing a Good Job



Managing your property can be stressful, and more often than not, it makes more sense to hire a property manager. It is the best decision if you own a rental property since it allows you to focus on exploring new investment opportunities. You can keep growing your equity or career while your property managers handle things like;

  • Finding the best tenants
  • Addressing tenant complaints
  • Managing rent collection
  • Property maintenance and repairs

While your property manager will handle most of the hard work, it’s vital to visit your property frequently to evaluate business performance under their watch. If you notice things are not running smoothly, it’s a sign that your current property manager is not doing well and it may be time to recall their service. Here are four signs to look out for;

1. Your Property Manager is Too Quiet

Active communication is vital for any business; therefore, you must stay in contact with your property manager. If your property manager is unreachable most of the time, takes too long to answer your calls, or hardly calls you, it’s a sign they are not doing a good job.

2. Negative Reviews From Tenants

If your tenants are not happy, they will air out their concerns. A good property manager deals with tenant complaints and issues. Look closely if your tenants keep calling you directly for maintenance and repairs. Your property manager is probably not doing their job.

3. Your Property has been Vacant for a Long Time

A vacant property translates to inconsistent cash flow. A property manager should ensure steady cash flow by keeping your property rented. A rental property should not be vacant for more than a month.

4. Your Property is Poorly Maintained

A property manager must ensure the property is always in top shape and handle repairs immediately. If you visit your property and find it in bad shape, it’s a sign your property manager is not doing a good job.

Final Thoughts

A good property manager takes pride in their job and ensures the properties’ safety.

When hiring a property manager, look for reliability, skill, professionalism, and positive reviews. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.