Renovations to Make Your Rental Homes More Durable

When you are renovating your residential rental properties your first goal should be to make the residence more durable so that it lasts for the duration of more than one or two tenants’ stays. Investing in good, quality construction materials and making smart renovations can help you both reap the most return on your investments (you can charge more rent for renovated spaces) and to help the property last through several to many tenants’ stays.

When you are making renovation upgrades to your rental units, the following are 5 things to consider when it comes to making your property durable as possible:

Choose a More Durable Flooring:

There are a few options when it comes to the most durable flooring for a rental unit, especially if it’s going to endure the beatings that both children and pets can bring along with them. Choosing something relatively inexpensive will help limit your investment into the upgrade, while also making the return on your investment high as the flooring should last through several or more tenants (depending on the length of their stays). Some quality options you can choose from include laminate, vinyl, and engineered hardwood (they are made with wood veneers and snap together easily as laminate flooring and don’t require nailing down like real hardwood would).

Choose Practical Lights:

Practical lighting not only is relatively inexpensive to install but it also helps light up each and every room to allow tenants to have a well-lit residence that makes it easy for them to go about their daily lives. Traditional lighting such as track lights or switched outlets are quite neutral in taste and will meet the needs of almost all of your tenants.

Choose Durable Materials For Your Doors:

Not only do doors get used on a daily basis as people open and close them (and sometimes slam them!) for privacy, they also play a vital role in blocking out excessive noise from places like bedrooms where people need the home to be quiet. Quality materials that will withstand years of use and also absorb excess noise include fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and sturdy woods. Tenants will also appreciate having quality locks on their doors that are in good repair and work so they can secure their privacy as they wish.

Consider What Your Countertops Are Made Of:

Considering that the kitchen is the most-used room in most homes, you will want to ensure that you have the most durable countertops possible. All the food preparation and baking can take a toll on many sorts of countertops, especially those made of softer materials or that are easy to scratch. The best picks for durability? Try a durable material like quartz or granite for something higher end, for something more affordable and budget-friendly consider going the way of laminate or tile.

Choose Quality Appliances:

Many tenants will prefer stainless steel appliances in their kitchens. Most are considered durable and are relatively easy to clean, however, be aware that some appliances that do not have an appropriate finish may show every single smear and fingerprint that they come in contact with. Frequent cleaning is often a most to make these appliances look their best, yet many feel it’s worth it to enjoy these durable appliances both for their aesthetic look and their performance in preparing and cooking food.

If you choose to go for other appliances, consider some of what JD Powers says are the most durable brands on the market as of 2017 including the likes of LD, Bosch, and Maytag to name a few.


These are 5 of the top upgrades that can help add durability to your residential rental units without adding a huge bottom line to your business expenses. Moreover, if you make the initial investment, many of these items will withstand years of wear and will cut your costs in future years. Investing in durable materials will not only make fewer phone calls from tenants need things fixed but it will also help you avoid additional expenses between each and every tenant you have to replace less durable items.