Increasing Property Security

3 Ways to Increase Property Security Without Deterring Prospective Tenants



Security is a key aspect that any home owner considers as a top of priority for his tenants. Leaf Management estate emphasizes the importance of enhanced security measures, even if privately installed, to protect clients in case of any eventualities.

Why Enhance the Security on Your Property?

The world is very unpredictable, and so it’s better to be safe than sorry where home security is concerned. A protected house is less likely to attract burglars as the intruders prefer easily accessible property. To avoid any possibility of negative branding of insecurity, the property owner can install discreet and effective security measures that are not conspicuous to potential clients.

Below are three ways to enhance security without deterring potential clients:

1.    Clear Any Bushes, Trees or Shadowy Areas in the Property

Trim any bushes, hedges and trees that may conceal the main entrance to the house. Mow down the grass to lit up any dark and shadowy areas in the compound. A well-lit and clear compound will not conspicuously appear as security measure to a potential tenant, but it will effectively deter any potential intruders.

2.    Install Private Motion Sensors

Install motion sensors lights to light up dark areas lie the backdoors and the side of the house, that are rarely visited at night. Whenever there is a movement in the darkness the motion sensors light up. Since the sensors only light up at night whenever they is a movement in the dark, the client will not perceive their installation as a sign of insecurity.

3.    Install a Video Doorbell

With a video doorbell, a tenant is able to monitor and answer front door calls from anywhere.  The doorbell allows the client speak to visitors at real time and can also detect motions at the door.  A client may consider the video doorbell an efficient and convenient feature, while it also enhances security on the property.
Yes, it’s prudent and advisable for a property owner to enhance the security in his own, but can also do it inconspicuously to avoid any negative image to potential clients.  The installed security measures can be discreet and at the same time effective.