How to Turn Your Rental Into Your Dream Home

Transforming Your Rental into Your Dream Home: A Step-by-Step Guide



If you’re in the process of turning your rental property back into your primary residence, congratulations! It’s an exciting time to move back into space with many memories. However, the transition can also be overwhelming as you navigate the necessary maintenance, repairs, and improvements to make your home feel like new again.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you successfully transform your rental property into your dream home:

  1. Assess the property’s condition: Before you move in, it’s important to take a thorough look at the state of the property. Make a list of any repairs or maintenance tasks that need to be completed before you can move in. This could include fixing any broken appliances, repairing damage to the walls or floors, and updating the plumbing and electrical systems.
  2. Make any necessary repairs and improvements: Once you have a list of repairs and improvements that need to be made, it’s time to start tackling them one by one. If you’re handy and comfortable making repairs, this could be an excellent opportunity to save money. If not, consider hiring a professional to ensure the work is completed safely and to a high standard.
  3. Reapply for the proper homestead exemptions and insurance coverage: If you previously received homestead exemptions or insurance coverage as a rental property owner, you’ll need to reapply for these benefits as a primary residence. This typically involves filling out new forms and providing proof of ownership and occupancy.
  4. Clean and declutter: Once the repairs and improvements are complete, it’s time to focus on making your home feel like your own. This includes giving the property a thorough cleaning and decluttering to get rid of any unwanted items. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help with this task if you need more time or energy to do it yourself.
  5. Personalize your space: Finally, it’s time to put your stamp on the property. This could involve painting the walls, updating the flooring or fixtures, and adding personal touches to decor and furniture.


Turning your rental property back into your primary residence is an exciting opportunity to create a space that feels like home. By following these steps and taking the time to assess the property’s condition, make necessary repairs and improvements, and personalize your space, you can transform your rental into your dream home.