How Often Property Managers Should Visit Their Properties


The importance of regular property visits cannot be overemphasized. Chances are, property managers may fail to pinpoint significant problems that could be fatal had they done the regular inspection. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right balance so that property inspections are not done too often, as this could interfere with tenant privacy. The lease agreement usually indicates how often visits should be made; however, it is vital to issue tenants a notice for any inspections, although this varies between various states. Here are the indications of how often you should do property visits.

When there is a Move-in

Move-in inspections are done when a new tenant is taking residence on a rental property. Move-in inspections are done to document any issues at hand that can be handled by both the manager and tenant.

For Maintenance Purposes

Maintenance come with costs. A property manager must be present to take stock of the work and keep up with the needs. Besides, taking a look around as a manager enables you to interact with tenants and listen to their needs firsthand. This is also a preferable time to investigate important aspects like the security and safety of the property.

For Annual Inspections

Annual property inspections are usually done once a year to identify aspects that nobody is aware of, even the tenants. These include landscape and drainage, roof condition, painting, electrical, plumbing and HVAC system condition. This is the perfect time for a manager to identify every tiny issue to reduce tenants’ implications over time. This is also a good way to document all the inhabitants of the rental property.

During Vacations

Move-out inspections aim to indicate any changes regarding the condition of a property during a tenancy period. It is essential to determine damages to carry out a transparent off-set by the tenant’s deposit outlined in the lease agreement. Most tenants who are aware of these inspections will do their best to maintain the property in good condition


Regular property visits guarantee a sure eye of inspection which can greatly improve the property’s performance, prevent damages and beef up its functionality or even name. Each property manager must set aside time to regularly visit their property as this an essential aspect of management.