Going Keyless: The Easiest Way to Try Out Home Automation

Today, dozens of products are released each month designed to take you and your home to new technological heights. While you may be wary of complete home automation, or its emerging practices that may not offer complete security, there are several products and innovations that do offer impressive security features. One example–Keyless door locks.

Read on to discover four ways that keyless locks make great entry into the world of home automation.
keyless entry pad


Great for Guests


If you’re entertaining house guests for an extended stay, keyless locks are an excellent convenience to offer them. You won’t have to worry about creating new key copies or your guests returning the keys when they leave. Even overnight guests will find the product useful. It allows more freedom and less logistical planning on your behalf. And in the case of needing to change the code after a guest’s departure–keyless locks make it easy for you and your family to institute new codes to maintain a high level of security. 


Easy for Children


If your children arrive home before you in the afternoon, teaching them to punch in a code can be easier and safer than entrusting them with a physical key. This can also be a great tool for caregivers. You’ll be giving out less keys which keeps your home safer. And just like traditional locks, keyless locks come with a wide variety of options, such as deadbolts. 




Convenient for Home Services


Because keyless locks can be re-coded immediately after use, you can feel secure leasing out a code to the repairman. This feature can free up your day and can allow you to continue working while repairs or services are completed at home. Many newer models of keyless locks even feature tools to send codes out to guests or home service providers minutes before they arrive to the house. This allows the homeowner to keep the security even tighter. 


Faster Home Entry
If your neighborhood warrants safety concerns, keyless locks are a great way for you to enter your home in a quick manner. Instead of fumbling for your keys, you’ll be able to punch the code into your door. This can be especially helpful when you’re carrying bags of groceries to the house or wrangling kids along the way. Have a keyless door also eliminates the possibility of being locked out of your home. You’ll no longer have to struggle with calling a family member or locksmith if you happen to lose your keys when outside the home.