Flipping Homes in Historic Areas

How to Flip Homes with Historic Area Restrictions



Home flipping is an essential way to bring failing homes back into the housing market – a vitally important role with the housing shortage today. One of the biggest challenges for home flippers is working with homes in historic areas with renovation restrictions.

How can you make a home warm and welcoming again without compromising it’s incredible history?¬†We have a few helpful tips to share.


Get to Know Your Historic Restrictions – And Why

The first and best step is to really get to know your historic restrictions. Take a walk-through with a regulatory member of the community. Let them tell you the story of the house alongside the rules so you can admire both the spirit and letter of the regulations.


Ask Your Neighbors for Contractor Recommendations

You’re going to need specialized teams that already know the historic area restrictions and how to maintain a house within them. So ask your neighbors – also residents of historic homes – who they hire. Their roofers, plumbers, and builders will have the years of experience with the neighborhood that you need to draw upon.


Remove, Restore, and Replace Original Materials

You can remove cracked features and add modern amenities (like between-wall insulation) without actually getting rid of the original surfaces. Remove, restore, and replace materials in the home. Add that insulation, but then replace the original wood paneling – perhaps a few inches out from its original position. Fix the cracked plumbing and then put back the original faucet and handles. This keeps the house historic, with new and functional internals. Like a classic car with a new engine.


Updates that Embrace the Historical Style

Finally, if you need to make changes, ensure every update embraces the historical style. That old sink might be too cracked to restore, but find a new one of the same shape and material as a replacement. Seek antique restored fixtures from the same time period or to recreate historic molding designs instead of using standard modern pieces.


With determination and a love of history, any home flipper can renovate a property with historic area restrictions. All you need is the local insights and an appreciation for the home’s original style.