6 Things Tenants Are Looking for During COVID-19 Outbreak

Renting your homes during the coronavirus lockdown doesn’t have to be put on hold. People still have plans and schedules to keep, even with the current stay-at-home conditions. Some renters must look for a new rental home during this time, and the best way to draw them to your homes is with corona-aware features and amenities. Let’s take a look at some of the features that tenants care about most when house-hunting during the outbreak.

1. Easy to Clean & Sanitize

Homes that are easy to clean are the most appealing right now. Tenants are looking for shiny countertops, hardwood or tile floors, and clean lines. Consider home designs and renovation choices that will make it possible to sanitize every inch of the home without worrying about carpet pads or what lies underneath.

2. Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are already at a peak of popularity, and now that matters even more. An open plan that flows cleanly from one room to the next is both more welcoming and easier to keep clean.

3. Secure Locks and Yards

Maintaining family isolation is also important, both indoors and outside in the yard. Ensure all door locks and latches are secure, then improve the fence and gate structure to ensure that no unwanted visitors can intrude on your tenant’s isolation safety.

4. High-Speed Internet

Millions of people are working from home, children are going through online school, and everyone is streaming media to stay sane. Internet speed matters. Take steps to improve the reception or wired internet service for the home.

5. Efficient Appliances

With everyone home all day, every day, utilities are going to be higher than usual. Energy-efficient appliances like laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and HVAC can make a real difference and smart tenants know what to look for.

6. Virtual Tours

Last but certainly not least, tenants are looking for rentals they can lease without a preliminary in-person visit. This means responsive online communication, online trading and checking of documents, and –most importantly– virtual tours taken with a 3D camera. This allows tenants to tour your home and get a feel for it without putting themselves (or you) at risk by meeting in person before move-in day.

Marketing your rental homes during coronavirus is easier than you might think, if you’re willing to work with current safety and tenants needs. For more savvy rental and home sale insights, contact us today!