Summertime Family Safety Part Two

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Before you enjoy your family vacation, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared both for the elements and any emergency situations that could arise. Here are some more tips to keep you and your family safe and healthy during your summer excursions:


4. Customize your first aid kit


Whether you buy your first aid kit from the drugstore or make it at home, be sure to include items that are tailored to your family’s specific needs. If you or your children are particularly accident prone, it might be helpful to pack an extra box of Band-Aids or tube of Neosporin. Also, if anyone in your family has allergies or any medical conditions that require prescription medications, ensure you have enough doses to last the entire trip or get a refill before you depart. This will prevent any unnecessary trips to the emergency room or calls to your family doctor.


5. Block out sunburn


If you plan to spend most of your vacation outdoors, take the proper precautions to protect you and your children from the elements. Slather on sunblock before you head out for the day and make sure to reapply it every two hours — per the American Cancer Society’s recommendation.


If you find that you easily lose track of time, set alarms on your phone or invest in gadgets like Sundicators to remind you to stop your activities and reapply your sunblock. Your skin will definitely thank you.


6. Dress your family in bright colors


No matter if you’re spending your time in a crowded theme park or on an extensive hike, it’s wise to dress in vibrant colors or matching t-shirts. This tactic will make your family members distinguishable from your surroundings and make it easier for you to describe the missing members of your family to security.


7. Get to know your surroundings


Even if you’re visiting your “usual” family vacation spot, it’s still helpful to acclimate yourself to the area. Familiarize yourself with local landmarks — especially those near your hotel, resort or campsite — and never be afraid to stop and ask for directions. After all, the GPS on your phone may not always be as reliable as someone who knows the area well.


Once you’ve become accustomed to your surroundings, make sure to establish designated meeting places in case you or another member of your family gets separated from the group.


Remember: going on vacation isn’t supposed to be stressful. By following these tips and remaining diligent, you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment spent with your family.