iOS 11 Security Features

Michael Leafer iOS 11 Security FeaturesApple recently launched a new operating system, iOS 11, with the release of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 plus. Don’t get too down on yourself if you are unable to purchase a new phone this year; iOS 11 is now available for your current iPad and iPhone.




Emergency Mode


One of the most notable security features added to iOS 11 has been coined emergency mode, otherwise referred to as “ the panic button” or “cop mode.” This feature essentially protects you from anyone who may be trying to access your content and gives the user an easier route of calling for help in an emergency. For instance, let’s say you are walking home late at night and you see someone quickly approaching in what seems to be an aggressive manner. You could quickly hit the power button five times, or hit the sleep and volume button five times for the iPhone X,  to disable touch or face ID and bring up the emergency SOS screen.


Another feature of “Emergency Mode” is the auto call option. When setting up your phone preferences, assign a person or number for the phone to automatically call once put in emergency mode. There is also the option to have a warning countdown before the phone makes the emergency call.


Computer Trust


Currently, when a phone gets plugged into a computer, there is a “Trust or Don’t Trust” pop-up that allows the user to either protect or trust their phone. Once trusted, all the contents of the phone are then available to the computer. With the new update, however, this process will contain two steps. The second part requires a passcode to complete pairing and to provide access to the phone’s content; touch ID alone will no longer allow access to the device. So a forensic expert, for example, is required to know the information before being able to perform logical acquisition.


Driving Safety


The new operating system aims to protect you in more ways than one. The iOS 11 software also wants to help keep you safe while on the road, so it has a new DO NOT DISTURB feature. This feature lets users opt to automatically turn on this mode once in the car, turn on once connected to Bluetooth, or the option to manually turn it on. Once the phone detects that you are driving, it turns off all notifications to keep you from getting distracted. The Do Not Disturb mode also offers the option to have the phone automatically reply to anyone who messages you.