4 Ways Schools and Universities are Staying Safe Today


Today, security is a top issue for any school administrator. Whether you’re in charge of a preschool or a large university, the safety of your students is of the utmost concern. It’s no secret that for years, schools have been the target of violent acts. What are a few ways that schools are buckling down to prevent and handle future acts of transgression?


They Adopt an Emergency Communication Systems


In the digital age, there’s no reason why news cannot be spread quickly across a school or campus in case of an emergency. Whether the news travels via texts, emails, or on a live video screen, keeping the entire campus aware of the problem and sending updates throughout the emergency can go a long way in providing peace of mind. These updates are also extremely helpful in keeping everyone informed of updates.

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They’re Focused on Training


How can you best prepare your student and staff population for an emergency? Through proper education! Practice fire and intruder drills frequently. Offer open dialogues where students and staff can discuss concerns or ideas on how to bring additional safety to the space. For a visual impact, enlist the help of your marketing team to create and hang flyers at convenient locations. These can act as great reminders. Finally, make a commitment to safety by mandating that all new employees and students are briefed on the procedures when admitted to the school.


They’re Designed the Campus Well


Smart schools know that putting the right tools in place as preparation for an emergency can save so many lives. It’s not uncommon for colleges to install emergency blue light phones or security cameras. Entering into buildings has also been planned. Buildings that house students or staff should be locked at all times and only accessible to current residents.


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They Know How to Partner Up


The safest schools have partnered up with several industries to provide a comprehensive level of security. To start, it’s always a great idea to work with the local law enforcement. In times of an emergency, it can be critical to enlist the help of external professionals.


Further, more and more schools are embracing the benefits of technology. Today, colleges are promoting apps that provide a higher level of safety to students. Whether this means a quick connection to the public safety team or allowing friends or family members to watch them walk home after dark, technology offers many ways to keep students safe when not at home.


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