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Exterior Surfaces to Pressure Wash During Tenant Turnovers

  Are you a property owner looking to optimize the period between tenant turnovers? Deep cleaning of exterior surfaces is an inexpensive restorative process to have your property look as good as new. Exterior surfaces that can be pressure washed to immediately boost the curb appeal of a rental property include; • Decks and Patios — These surfaces, whether made… Read more →

Invisible Wear Adds Up

The invisible wear and damage to a property are often some of the worst. Too often, these issues are easily ignored or missed, allowing the problems to expand and compound. This is why it is critical to keep up on maintenance and why you must always look for these problems even if you cannot see them at first glance.  … Read more →

Winterization Tips

8 Essential Steps in Designing Your Rental Properties for Easy Winterization Winters will come and go, and you will have to winterize your rental properties for every cold season you encounter. In preparation for this, you could design your property so that when the time comes winterizing will be easy as pie. Some steps you could take towards this goal… Read more →

Getting Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

      Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 1970s, and chances are you might own an older rental property that still has them. They are unsightly, and could potentially scare away potential tenants. If tenants are not scared away completely, you might have to drastically lower your rent price, which means you will bring in less income. Popcorn Ceilings… Read more →