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10 Ways to Stay Safe Online

10 Ways to Stay Safe Online

    While home security remains a top concern for many people, today we grapple with a new urgency: keeping our online information safe. Just this week, Dropbox announced a massive security breach. Millions of users names, email addresses, and personal information has been accessed by hackers. If you haven’t taken the time to change your password, do so now! How… Read more →

Going Keyless: The Easiest Way to Try Out Home Automation

Today, dozens of products are released each month designed to take you and your home to new technological heights. While you may be wary of complete home automation, or its emerging practices that may not offer complete security, there are several products and innovations that do offer impressive security features. One example–Keyless door locks. Read on to discover four ways… Read more →

4 Essential Tips: Home Security

Home Security: 4 Essential Tips

Protecting your family and your home is one of the top priorities in life. While many of us take our safety for granted, it’s important to understand what level of security is needed to keep you and your home protected.     If you’ve just moved to a new home, you’ll want to ask your realtor or a friendly neighbor… Read more →