Hiring a Property Manager

Is Hiring a Property Management Company a Profitable Strategy?     Many property owners have their own thoughts and opinions regarding property management companies. Many see them as a luxury for landlords. However, there are definitely instances where a property management company is well worth it.  If you are newer to property ownership or have not taken the time to… Read more →

Pet Policies

5 REASONS TO UPDATE YOUR PET-POLICY     Quarantine changed how the world celebrates, communicates, eats, shops, works, and even lives. With more tenants blending work and home, now is the perfect time to update your contract, especially your pet policy. It could be the change that pushes your rental property through this post-quarantine slump. Read on for five incentives… Read more →

Long-Term Strategies to Keep Pests Away

3 Long-Term Strategies for Keeping Rats and Rodents Away From Your Rental Properties   No one wants to rent or live in an apartment that’s infested with rats. Unfortunately, with highly visible review platforms online, even a single, short-term rodent problem can diminish the long-term marketability of your units. The good news is that there are three easy ways to… Read more →

Capital Gains and Estate in 2021

  Capital Gains and Estate in 2021: Everything You Need to Know: Capital gains are the taxes you pay after gaining wealth from selling assets that have appreciated (gained value) over time. These assets subject to capital gain taxes include stock, real estate, crypto currencies, and businesses. The capital gains taxes are required to be paid on the profit that… Read more →

1031 Exchanges

Using 1031 strategies can be challenging as they have quite a few moving parts. Still, they can also greatly benefit real estate investors when increasing their net worth, business, and property profile. Meeting the rules of 1031 is important. Otherwise, your “property swap” won’t qualify for the 1031 deal, and you will have to pay the full taxes on the… Read more →

FHA Loans

FHA Loans: Do I Use It to Buy a Property Now vs. Buying a Property In a Year?   FHA Loans: Do I Use It to Buy a Property Now vs. Buying a Property In a Year?: When you want to become an investor by purchasing additional homes to rent, you have many options to consider when finding funding to… Read more →

Investing in Real Estate and Inventory Recovery

Investing in Real Estate: Should You Wait to Buy a Rental Property Until Inventory Recovers?   There has been an increase in school-at-home and work-at-home situations that have made our houses even more negligible or somehow less functional. However, homeowners looking to augment their learning and working spaces have limited choices because there just aren’t many houses on the market.… Read more →