Best Carpet Color for Rental Properties

Choosing the right flooring for your rental properties can be a challenge. For living spaces and bedrooms, carpet is often a welcoming choice. The real challenge is choosing the right carpet color and pattern for your rental home. The key is choosing a carpet that is durable, stain-hiding, and creates a canvas for the lives of your tenants. Here are… Read more →

4 Color Palettes for 2020 House Flips

Every year it seems like there are new color palettes and trends that break onto the scene. Color trends change along with people’s tastes and the constant “modernizing” of the way we decorate our homes. When flipping homes, it’s important to ensure that we are choosing colors that will appeal to the buyers or renters of the property. Choosing the… Read more →

Understanding Fair Housing Laws

  A clear understanding of national fair housing laws is a must for anyone who manages their own rental properties. Landlords who fully self-manage their rental properties increase their chances of unintentionally running afoul of these laws. Here’s what you need to know about renting and national fair housing laws. Federal fair housing laws cover most rental properties, but certain… Read more →

Energy Efficient Improvements for Rental Properties

Managing a rental property means choosing your upgrades carefully. Between tenants, it is practical to improve the home in ways that will result in higher rents and happier tenants in the future. Naturally, you’re looking for the best return on your investment. These improvements will repay themselves more quickly than others, either because they cost very little or because tenants… Read more →

Is it Safe to Invest in Real Estate Today?

Investing in real estate during a recession has its pros and cons. While conventional wisdom would tell you that investing in real estate “never goes out of style”, staying aware of the potential pitfalls will make you a more savvy investor. Interest Rates for Investors You have probably seen that interest rates are at record lows however buyer beware. The… Read more →