Q4 Check In – Why Rental Property Investment is Still a Good Idea

Rental Property Investment Now is a good time to seriously consider investing in rental property. What matters is for current and would-be investors to understand the current situation and the long-term possibilities. When you know the whats and the whys you can make sound decisions about why investing in rental property is still a good idea. Let us begin with… Read more →

Questions Potential tenants May Ask Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 and Your Tenants The COVID-19 situation is complex and fluid. Different states and municipalities often announce new measures. It is important for landlords and property managers to stay up to date with official announcements, so they can answer the questions potential tenants may ask while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place. It pays to have a written list of… Read more →

Making Stairs in Your Rental Safer

Landlords renting out two-story properties must keep the safety of the tenants in mind when it comes to dealing with the stairs. The safer the stairs are, the more comfortable tenants will feel in their home. Keeping tenants safe is the utmost priority for landlords. Keeping the stairs in your rental safe is a great way to start safety-proofing your rentals. The following… Read more →

Best Carpet Color for Rental Properties

Choosing the right flooring for your rental properties can be a challenge. For living spaces and bedrooms, carpet is often a welcoming choice. The real challenge is choosing the right carpet color and pattern for your rental home. The key is choosing a carpet that is durable, stain-hiding, and creates a canvas for the lives of your tenants. Here are… Read more →

4 Color Palettes for 2020 House Flips

Every year it seems like there are new color palettes and trends that break onto the scene. Color trends change along with people’s tastes and the constant “modernizing” of the way we decorate our homes. When flipping homes, it’s important to ensure that we are choosing colors that will appeal to the buyers or renters of the property. Choosing the… Read more →