Author: Michael Leafer

5 Ways to Get Past the Third House Slump

The “third house slump” might sound silly to many people yet many investors know that many banks and other traditional lending agencies begin to balk when the talk of purchasing any residential investment properties past the 3rd house. There are a number of reasons that banks and other lending agencies feel this way, however, as an investor you personally know… Read more →

3 Levels/Tiers of Property Management: What Level of Property Management Fits Your Investment Style?

Every landlord needs something different from their property management company depending on a variety of factors. These factors include things such as how many residential rental properties they own to their management and investing style. Having said that, property management companies need to be different things to each investor that they work with. Some investors will want the property management… Read more →


If you are a property owner who rents out their property, there are many good reasons to consider using a property management company to handle the business of renting for you. Here are two ways these companies ensure properties do not sit vacant for long periods of time. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES FIND LONG-TERM, RELIABLE TENANTS Part of a property management… Read more →