Author: Michael Leafer

Tips for Flipping Older Properties

4 Tips for Flipping Older Properties     Home flipping often involves homes that have seen a few decades and better days. In fact, the best purchases usually involve homes with good bones that have had time to sag and peel over the years. By making these houses both beautiful and cozy again, you can drastically increase your returns with… Read more →

Flipping Homes in Historic Areas

How to Flip Homes with Historic Area Restrictions     Home flipping is an essential way to bring failing homes back into the housing market – a vitally important role with the housing shortage today. One of the biggest challenges for home flippers is working with homes in historic areas with renovation restrictions. How can you make a home warm… Read more →

Costly Features in Rental Properties

Four of the Biggest Features in Rental Properties That Lead to Hemorrhaging Money     Owning a rental property can come with hidden or unforeseen expenses. While many property owners factor in things like taxes, HOA or condo fees and insurance, the real cost is the maintenance and upkeep of the property or unit. If you are considering purchasing property,… Read more →

Determining Rental Value

3 Ways to Determine the Rental Value of a Property Based on Its List Price     With the housing market going topsy-turvy over the last year and half, figuring out the rental value of an investment property can be difficult. Zillow and other online estimates can be outdated and old ways of pricing may not be the most accurate.… Read more →

Remodeling Budgets

How to Change Your Rental Remodel Budget Taking Into Account Material Shortages and High Prices     With so many people working and learning from home over the last year and a half and completing their own DIY projects, the demand for renovation supplies has caused a rise in material prices. This makes prioritizing or staggering repairs and remodels based… Read more →

Signs it is Time to Rewrite Your Rental Agreements

6 Signs It’s Time to Rewrite Your Rental Agreements for Future Tenants     The rental agreement is among the most crucial document every landlord ought to be mindful of. A clear and well stipulated rental contract ensures smooth living among tenants as well as protects your property from damage. An incomplete/outdated document puts you at greater liability, which can… Read more →

Refinancing Your Rental Properties

Should You Refinance Multiple Rental Properties At Once?     As interest rates continue to go down, many homeowners are trying to refinance their homes. As a landlord, you may also want to think about refinancing your rental property. However, if you have several places, should you refinance them all at once? Here are some reasons why you may want… Read more →